There's a Lot to be Said for Public Humiliation!

Ironically, it was probably this picture that was posted on Facebook in the first place that was really the start of what was to come.  It wasn't even me at my heaviest, but it certainly was a BIG reminder to me to stay on the other side of the camera! Fortunately, the summer wasn't all that great, so I could hide under baggie t-shirts, even when by the pool, and thereby, kid myself.

When I returned from a trip to Austin, Texas on September 1st I finally realized that I had to do something.  Wallking in the extremely hot Texas air for several days had been more difficult than usual and denial was only going to go so far as I had left my 38" waisted pants and was all too soon going to need to leave my 40" pants behind as well.  The L had become XL and was quickly approaching XXL.

The morning of September 1, 2009, I stepped on my bathroom scale and denial came to a screaming, crashing halt.  For the first time in my life I weighed in at over 230 pounds.  Now for some folks, that may not be a big deal (no pun intended).  But for me, who had an angioplasty several years earlier in my early 40s, has a history of diabetes and heart disease in the family and am destined to walk the rest of my life on an ankle full of hardware and the pending arthritis that will no doubt one day follow, seeing 231 looking up at me from the scale was the final wake up call.

So I did something desparately stupid, that may, if not save my life, may certainly help extend it far more than what it might be if I hadn't.  I posted on my Facebook Status - for all the world to see - that i was then and there making an "Early 2010 New Year's Resolution" and that I would weigh less than 200 pounds by the time the calendar flipped over to 2010.

Well, to make a long story less long, I posted my progress out to my hundreds of FB friends on pretty much a daily basis.  Yep!  Right there on my Status post most every day for all the world to see! I got a few hecklers, but I got many more times really wonderful people that encouraged me and cheered me on. Often, when I would come home at night and feel like flopping in the chair in front of the TV and sticking my hand in a bag of munchies, there would always be at least one post, often several, asking how I was doing in my quest. Several wonderful people joined me in my Early Resolution, some with great success, others less, but ALL so supportive.

I did many things to change my habits and lose weight.  The most beneficial being eat a good breakfast every morning, drink lots of water (or better still "swamp water" or greens) and climb on my treadmill and walk (and walk and walk....).  If I wanted to watch TV, the only way I allowed myself to watch was from ontop of a moving treadmill!  On New Years Day, with all of the Bowl Games on, I walked 17.5 miles and would have hit 20 had the Florida game not been such a blowout by halftime.

My wife said that the fitness trainer from her gym told her that after 45 minutes to an hour, walking on a treadmill loses a lot of it's benefit. I said, "Honey, I can eat a lot faster than I can walk and I can't reach the fridge from the treadmill."

Did I make my goal?  No, I didn't.  At least not by January 1st. But thanks to the support of those wonderful FB friends, and the fear of letting them and myself down and quite frankly, the fear of public humiliation, on January 25th, for the first time in approximately 25 years, I looked down to see 199.5 staring back at me!

So, yes! There is a lot to be said for Public Humiliation - and that is that sometimes - 

Public Humiliation can be a GREAT Accountability Partner!

(With much love and thanks to ALL of my friends for ALL of their support.)


PS.  Now my 2010 & forever resolution is never to weigh over 200 again and I'm willing to post my weight every day for the rest of my life if that's what it takes!

Comment balloon 11 commentsRick Sergison • February 02 2010 10:00PM


Congratulations Rick. That's really putting it on the line.

Posted by Bob Dunn (Sutton Group West Coast Realty) almost 11 years ago

Once again Rick, a great big congrats.  I'm sure you feel so much better.  I don't know, but walking over 17 miles can't be good for that ankle lol.

Posted by Jenny Kotulak, Broker - Oakville Ontario Real Estate (RE/MAX Real Estate Centre Inc., Brokerage) almost 11 years ago

Rick what a story and another huge Congratulations! Still think it took a whole lot of guts (oh, sorry, is that a pun? it wasn't intended) to put it out there publicly. You inspired many we are sure.  Now keep it off! LOL!

Posted by Al & Peggy Cunningham, Brokers, Our Family Wants To Help Your Family! (RE/MAX West Realty Inc., Brokerage) almost 11 years ago


Good for you!!!! Your determination and fortitude shows in this post and I have great faith that you would be able to accomplish anything that you set your mind out to do.


Posted by Jo-Anne Smith almost 11 years ago

Hi Rick....Congratulations. Just Last Night on Oprah ...she had Dr. Oz on her show talking about Diabetes, and he recommended lots of regular exercise and he said your wast show measurement for guys should be Less that Half of your Height.

Now that you are a Facebook and Active Rain Star, maybe start a New Group on AR "How to Get From 230 to 199.5 in less than Ninety Days"

Have a great day!

Posted by Fred Carver Personal Real Estate Corporation, Accredited Real Estate Consultant (RE/MAX Camosun Victoria BC Real Estate) almost 11 years ago

Just stopped by to let you, and anyone reading this, know that there's an ActiveRain Super Bowl Party going on. Stop by if you have a chance.

Posted by Not a real person almost 11 years ago

* FEATURED on Keller Williams Canada *

Hey Rick did you manage to keep it off after a week of Cajun Food!?  Great to meet you finally in NOLA!

Posted by Scott Leaf Personal Real Estate Corporation, Scott Leaf & Associates Real Estate Team (Keller Williams Elite Realty, Port Coquitlam, BC) almost 11 years ago

This is fantastic!

great job and great modivation

your friend in Charlottesville Virginia

Posted by Charles McDonald®, REALTOR®, Principal Broker®, Owner (Charlottesville Solutions) almost 11 years ago

This is fantastic!

great job and great modivation

your friend in Charlottesville Virginia

Posted by Charles McDonald®, REALTOR®, Principal Broker®, Owner (Charlottesville Solutions) almost 11 years ago

Hi Rick,! I remember when I first met you when you walked into Keller Williams Referred. Your reputation proceeds you.  I have seen your FB updates here and there in respect to this topic however, your real weight is in our great company.  So now you have another accountability. Lol. 

Posted by Chantal Kavis, Toronto, Ontario almost 11 years ago

Hey, Rick - Congratulations!

I got up to 218 after hernia surgery on Halloween Day 2003. Once I was able to get back to regular activities, I got down to 193, but I still preferred 175-180, but I just couldn't get rid of those extra 13-18 pounds. Until June 2009 when I bought my handy dandy Canon Rebel XSi camera and started going on daily walks, sometimes long, daily walks.

It's amazing how rapidly the weight returns if I miss three or four days of walking. As I get older and the metabolism continues to slow, it's going to get more difficult to stay where I want to be, and I'm sure that I ultimately will have to accept a greater weight.

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Posted by Not a real person almost 11 years ago

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